An experimental mini photo set up.

An experimental mini photo set up.

I set up this mini photo booth closer to my studio.  My “big” photo set up is in one on floor and the studio is on another, so getting organized and getting all the jewelry takes some organization.  And boxes.  And it involves doing outside to get to the photo set up.  Today we had severe rain storms, including flooded streets and tornado warnings, so this seemed like a good day to finally test that mini set up, so I could take pictures without going outside.

I got this copy stand (see above) at a garage sale this summer.  I set up the folds-flat American Recorder photo tent on the copy stand and put some CFL bulbs in.

Then I took photos of some earrings, beads and Silicone Texture Plates that I added to my Etsy shop.

Here’s a picture, taken with this set up, of my bronze ice cream cone pendant:

Poor Lighting, picture of Bronze Ice Cream Cone by Elaine Luther 2013

Picture of Bronze Ice Cream Cone by Elaine Luther 2013

I wasn’t happy with that picture, so when the rain finally slowed down, I went outside and to the big photo set up, which looks like this:


Photo set up by Elaine Luther

Here’s the picture of that same necklace, taken with this set up, which halogen lights:

Bronze Ice Cream Cone by Elaine Luther, 2013

Bronze Ice Cream Cone by Elaine Luther, 2013

What a difference!  The color of the bronze is accurate in this one, and you can see so much more detail.

Both set ups have just two lights, no overhead light (which is nice to have), both have a tent to diffuse the light.  The difference is in the power of the light.  The halogen bulbs in the larger copy stand (the second one pictured) are just a lot more powerful.

Not that I can’t make my mini set up work, I can try brighter bulbs.  But, I thought this would be a terrific side by side comparison to show you.  If you’re not happy with your photos, maybe your lights aren’t powerful enough.

Want to see another person’s photo set up?  Craftsman Jeffrey Herman shared this link to his inexpensive photo set up.

Still want to know more?  More details about bulbs, reflectors and where to buy them (and much more) are in my Kindle book, Jewelry Photography, You Can Do it!  Don’t have a kindle?  Get the Kindle app for free, or read the book online in the Cloud Reader for Kindle.

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