If you have a little girl who’s a fan of the Wizard of Oz, and have ever found yourself searching the stores frantically for those Ruby Slippers, that were once so common at Target, then you’ll be glad for this book, which shows you how to turn any pair of shoes into Ruby Slippers!

This book caught my eye because we have an Oz super fan at our house.

The projects in this book — there are over 50, how do these authors come up with so many? — are fun and do-able. If you want to throw a Wizard of Oz theme party, this book has terrific ideas for foods and decorations.

The book has some projects that are quick and no skill — like making a color copy and cutting it out. While that’s not a fulfilling craft, if I’m putting together a party on a budget and a deadline, that seems just fine to me.

Other projects, such as the hot air balloon decoration, allow for more creative expression. That’s one I plan to make. We have a little “Seasons Table” where we have a changing seasonal display with little Waldorf dolls I made years ago when we were in a Waldorf playgroup.

The crafts are great and the food is really adorable: Cyclone Cupcakes, Squashed Witch Cupcakes, edible yellow bricks and more.

Other craft projects in the book wouldn’t be a good fit for a kid’s party, but would be a great gift for an adult Oz fan.

The Emerald Hairpieces are made using a techniques I’ve never seen before. That’s what I like about general crafts books like this: I can learn to do something I wouldn’t have gone looking for, because I didn’t know what it was called.

Another charming feature of the book is the old drawings that look like they come from the original books.

The book includes many pages of templates, plus some color pages ready for copying.

Everything Oz: Make Munchkin Placecards, Over the Rainbow Cake, “I’m Melting” Witch Candles, and Much More

I’ve written a Squidoo Lens on have to throw fabulous theme birthday parties for kids: http://www.squidoo.com/fabulousbirthdayparty

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