Dear Etsy,

By the time you read this, I will have already deleted my shop. I thought the least I could do was tell you why.

There are always so many reasons, when there’s a break up. There are a number of small annoyances I could mention, but let’s talk about the big one.

Your new demand that I share my sources with you, tell you who my caster is, and apply to be approved by you – that pushed me over the edge. I didn’t go into business for myself in order to have to apply to have my methods approved by someone else.

You’ll think that it was my friends who talked me into this, and you might have something there. Meredith Keller, you know her from her blog, Smaller Box, she talked me into it with this post.

I’ve always talked about how with blogs you should “own your own real estate” and have your blog on your own domain name. It was time for me to be consistent and do the same thing with my online shop. I have to be true to my heart, Etsy, and that’s why I’m leaving you.

Your friends have changed too – lots of your shops are new, they’re based in far away lands and well, some of them sure look like factories to me. And even if they’re not, their prices are crazy low. That’s not the right place for me to compete.

So good luck, I’m sure you’ll find lots of other shops to replace me. I bet you won’t even miss me.

Good bye,


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