Picture of Elaine Luther's studio, on move in day.  It doesn't look like this anymore!

Picture of Elaine Luther’s studio, on move in day. It doesn’t look like this anymore!

I’m in!

I signed up in the comments on her blog. My studio is pretty nice: it’s big, it’s not too terribly cold and the lighting is almost adequate. It is cluttered and in order to do one process I have to move things around.

There’s a lot I could do to make it even more ideal and Jean’s challenge is just the thing.

Here’s her original blog post: http://www.jeanrwilkey.com

Jean’s challenge was for January, I’ll make mine from mid-February to mid-March.

And here’s the post by one of the artists who took up the challenge, Amanda Tsaros:

You simply must click through to that one, I love the picture she created to go with her post and all the studio before and afters are just the thing to get you motivated to do the same for yourself!

I found out about Amanda from the Art Biz Blog.

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