Participant with Map at Woman Made Gallery's 20 Neighborhoods

Participant with Map at Woman Made Gallery’s 20 Neighborhoods

Nothing like the day after Christmas to start reflecting on the past year and start setting goals for next year, right?

As always, Alyson Stanfield, the Art Biz Coach’s blog has a list of really terrific questions for you to answer:

While you’re there, check out this useful post of hers, which includes one of my photos:

Want more? The Fizzle Show podcast has an episode called “What Gets Measured Gets Improved.”

Visit the show’s website here: The episode is dated 12/18/15. Find the show on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

My own year in review is over here:

When I think about goal setting and what I would like to share with you this year about it, I think about the many wonderful books I read this year. The most recent one is The 12 Week Year, here’s an amazon affiliate link: The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months

This astoundingly simple concept is that you shorten your goal-setting timeline, to, you guessed it, 12 weeks! There are many benefits to doing this, but the most obvious one is there’s no “I’ve got plenty of time,” no “I’ll get to that in the 3rd quarter of the year.”

Really great book, highly recommended if you want to become more productive and achieve more goals in 2016.

Do you post a year in review? Please put the link in the comments, or write your goals in a comment. What’s your most important goal for 2016?

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