If you’ve hungered for more on the history of jewelry, you’ll be thrilled with this 2 part podcast episode series by Dressed, a show on the history of fashion.

The show hosts are both fashion historians and while I have never been accused of being fashionable and I think most everyone I know would be surprised and slightly confused that I’m listening to a fashion podcast, it’s a terrific show. The hosts really know their stuff, present it in an interesting way, and there are fascinating intersections of history and fashion.

If you’re interested in women’s history, then it’s particularly interesting because most of fashion history is about women’s clothes.

When I was in college and then briefly in an MFA program for metalsmithing, there were classes in the course catalog for the history of craft, but there was never a professor for that class, it never ran. This podcast and these two episodes on hair jewelry are helping to make up for that!

Part 1 is a history and Part 2 is more about technique, including an interview with a living, present day practitioner of the craft.

Find episode 1 here:

and be sure to follow them on Instagram, they post photos to go with each episode and you’ll really want to see the images!

This post is by Elaine Luther.

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