Are You a Real Artist?

Here’s a graphic from the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, one of my favorite authors. He also wrote Do the Work, which I recommend at least twice a day. Visual summaries of the War of Art are by Sunni Brown and can be found here.

Here’s to a Wonderful New Year!

An artist friend gave me a box of assorted ephemera and one of the lovely surprises was this Happy New Year postcard with the message, “May your slumbers be undisturbed as the year glides on – to your prosperity.”
Review Your Year in Craft

Review Your Year in Craft

There’s a terrific post up at the Art Biz Coach blog with wonderful, thought provoking questions. I think you’ll get a lot of our taking a few minutes to pause and come up with your answers to her questions. I answered all of them and I remembered things I...