Art and Craft Fairs 101

It's craft fair season and yesterday I got questions from two people in real life about what's involved in doing your first show. Here's a post to answer them, share resources and share that with you too, dear reader. The first and most important thing about any show...

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Affordable (kinda) Resin 3D Printing is Finally Here

3D printer is certainly fun and cool, but so far, the quality has not been good enough for casting jewelry. Resin, as opposed to the plastic on a spool that many 3D printers use, is a better printing material for jewelry. These have been around, but pricey. The newest...

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Sneak Peak at the One of a Kind Show Chicago

Chicago Artist Tiffany Gholer visited the first spring edition of the One of a Kind Show in Chicago and shares some of her favorite picks, including some jewelry:

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