Heather asked in the comments of How Blogging Has Changed My Life Part II, where you can see more of my jewelry. I said I would answer in a post, so here I am.

Ideally, I like to debut a piece in a magazine or gallery show before online. Why? Third party validation, I guess. If the magazine or gallery says it’s good, that has more credibility than my saying it’s good.

So that’s one reason I don’t have a ton of images online; waiting for the long process of publishing.

Here’s a round up of where you can see more of my work:

Art Jewelry Magazine November 2008, Project Article Photo Pendant
Art Jewelry Magazine January 2009, Project Article Splat! Pendant
Art Jewlery Magazine, subscriber bonus download Metal Clay Envelope
Studio PMC, Volume 10, Number 3, Fall 2007 Society of Mothers…
Picture Yourself Creating Metal Clay Jewelry, by Tammy Powley, Gallery section

The Studio PMC issue can be seen online at PMCGuild.com, if you’re a member.

and the Anti-War Medal is here.

Rather than bore you with explanations and excuses, I’ll share my 2009 goals for getting more work “out there.”

  • Make more!
  • Keep submitting great project ideas to magazines.
  • Get my artist website finished and online.
  • Set up a gallery at Ganoksin.com

For the first one, make more! I was inspired by Luann Udell’s series of posts on cleaning up her attics, studio and decluttering. That series started back in September. Then in October, I helped a friend clear out her office, which was fun. It’s easier and more fun to clear out someone else’s space than your own.

Finally, in November, I rediscovered the floor in my studio. (oh, look, there’s a rug!) Clearing off the top of my bench of work that I was supposedly “in the middle of,” helped a lot.

I also donated a couple of pendants to a friend’s charity event — Oh, I have a picture of those — so it was good that my bench was ready to work so could polish those up.

Here’s the picture of those sterling pendants:

(taken with phone camera.) Sterling pendants (c) Elaine Luther, All Rights Reserved.

They were so well received, I’m thinking of adding them to my (new, not-yet-existent) Esty shop.

So for now, that’s where you can see more of my jewelry!

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