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Engagement Ring

I’m teaching a PMC ring making class right now and I always ask students what their goals are for any class — so I can help them achieve those goals.

One of my students wants to make her own wedding bands! (No pressure.) I’ve heard of people doing this, and some jewelers offer Make Your Own Wedding Rings Workshops.

Here’s a link to one in the UK. The same folks in the US, choose your state.

And another one in New York.

The challenge for DIY wedding rings in metal clay is do you want silver? And are you brave enough, as a novice, to make them in the gold clay?

Here’s my solution:

Make your own “model” in metal clay, and send them out to be molded and cast into the metal of your choice, assuming the metal of your choice is something besides fine silver or gold.

This also gives you more choices for having a professional stone setter add stones later if you wish.

The metal I want to use when I get around to making a new wedding ring to replace the one I uh, misplaced? Platinum sterling.

How about you? Would you make your own wedding ring? Post a comment.

Have you made your own? I’d be happy to post a picture, email it to Suggestalink (at) gmail.com.


Update: Be sure to read the comments and click the link to Deb Fitz’s wedding rings.

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