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I got my copy of Metal Techniques for Craftsmen by Oppi Untracht in college. The art jeweler I was working for mentioned that she’d seen the book in a local 2nd hand book store. I rushed over to see if it was still there. The then $40.00 book was at the 2nd hand store for only $18.00! I scooped it up.

I simply love this book for its comprehensiveness. Want to know what any metal technique is and Oppi’s got you covered! I’m not self-taught, not even close, I adore taking classes, but this is a reference that I read cover to cover.

Later I upgraded to his even larger tome, Jewelry Concepts and Technology.

While other books may float in and out of my metalsmithing collection, these well researched classics stay.

To see more favorite books from metalsmiths, blacksmiths and metal clay artists in our little blog carnival group, here are the links:

Lora Hart
Lorrene Davis
Tamra Gentry
Angela Baduel-Crispin

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