One of the things many people like about doing a craft for a living is that you (hopefully) get to spend time in that “peak flow” experience.

For days when that isn’t going to happen, lots of bench jewelers enjoy listening to stuff as they work: talk radio, music, podcasts, books on tape.

I’ve found another great thing to listen to. They’re called Great Courses. This company has found what they consider to be the best professors on a given subject and created audio tapes/CDs, and for some courses, DVDs of the course.

If you’re one of those life long learner types, you’ll love this. Stimulate your mind!

Oh, a note on price, yes, some of them are pricey, but they rotate the sales so that in a given calendar year, every item will be on sale at least once. And right now they are phasing out audio cassettes in favor of CDs, so some courses are on sale if you buy the audio cassette.

Check them out at Great Courses.

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