pressnseal.jpgYou may already know that you can use a small piece of Glad Press ‘n Seal as a quick way to keep your metal clay wrapped up tightly while you’re working.

You may not know this one. Say you’re working on a piece and you need to make another component, but you don’t want that first piece to dry out, you’d like to connect the clay as fresh clay to fresh clay. To extend your work time, you can make a tent out of the Press ‘n Seal and seal it with your finger all round the area. (see photo) The goal is to have the Press ‘n Seal be tented, not fitting tightly over the clay.

This only works on a shiny work surface such as the Plastic Work Surfaces from my site, shown here, or glass might work as well. It doesn’t work on a polystyrene work surface.

So tent your work, take it out when you’re ready and finish the piece. This is a short term solution — I wouldn’t go to lunch with the clay like this.

To keep lump clay moist while working (not long term storage) you can do the same trick with the Press ‘n Seal, only a tight fit, not a tent, or the same technique with Saran Wrap on glass.

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