Use It Up Cookbook 2

I’m Featured Artist of the Month this month over at Metal Clay Gallery. Of course, if you’re on the list, you already know that. If you’re not, you can’t see my album.

So I’ll share one of the images here. I recently did a little series called the Use It Up Cookbook series, named after the cookbook of the same name. As you might imagine, it’s about using leftovers.

I had a bunch of little pieces in PMC left from various attempts. Some were parts of things that didn’t work out — such as rings for toggles, one was way too thin, one was way too thick. And some other things that I just looked at and said, “What was I thinking?”

The one I’m posting here is my favorite of the series. It doesn’t have a bail, the chain just goes right through the large ring.

The bit on the lower right hand side is an impression from the inside of a Perrier bottle lid, because I thought it looked neat. I like this kind of “found object” with PMC.

It was curved after it was fired, over a mandrel with a rawhide mallet, because it was a bit flat and boring.

It’s not the way I normally work — but I found it to be a good exercise in loosening up, working more freely, and assembling from parts.

I plan to take those lessons and apply them to future work.

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