Alphabet Tool Sample

Above is a practice sample I made using the Photopolymer Texture Plate Alphabet Tool. Notice how crisp the letters are, and how there’s no shape around the letters, like you may get with the metalsmithing steel alphabet stamps.

I used all capital letters here, but the set includes lower case as well.

Alphabet Tool

Now, here are some tips to working with the alphabet tool. If you have a set, you may have noticed that it’s really hard to see the letter glued on the pencils. The letters are clear-ish, and the eraser is red. To make it easier for me to find the letter I want to use, I took a Sharpie marker and colored each letter. Much better! This has no effect on the clay.

Also, the best glue to use to glue your letters on is Alene’s Tacky Glue. You probably have some already, and it’s easy to find at crafts stores. When you glue your letters on, you’ll want to have a place to put all of the pencils while the glue dries. Jars are great for this, but not too big, you want the pencils to be pretty upright.

In the photo above, I have mine sorted by upper case and lower case.

My next step is to print out labels to label the pencils on the side with the letter. I’ll also set this up as a free download on the site.

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