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KeumBook Book and Tools

Pictured are some of the essentials you’ll need to be successful with Keum-boo, the ancient Korean method for applying thick gold foil to fine silver without soldering. The technical term what what happens is a diffusion bond.

The book by Celie Fago is the only book out on the subject, and it’s terrific. Color photos, easy to follow and simple. Available from Rio and elsewhere.

The piece of brass is an 18 gauge sheet for putting on top of your electric coil cook top. This helps diffuse the heat evenly, and you have a nice flat work surface.

The tool on the right is an agate burnisher. Sure, you could use a steel burnisher, but these affordable agate burnishers make life so much easier, as gold does not stick to them as it can to the steel.

For a downloadable pdf file on Keum-boo, see PMC Connection.

I should mention that these instructions say to use Klyr-Fire, which is optional. I don’t use it and Celie’s instructions don’t mention it either.

Where to buy the supplies you need? AllCraft in New York was the first to stock everything you need, including the gold foil and agate burnishers. Now you can also find the supplies at Rio Grande, Art Clay World, and probably more places.

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