Scanning Negatives and Slides: Digitizing Your Photographic Archive by Sascha Steinhoff is a book for professional photographers, but if you’re an artist with a collection of slides to convert to digital, this book will help you decide how to proceed.

Those with a small collection of slides may be able to take them to their local professional photo lab for scanning, but those with a lot of slides may find it makes more sense to buy their own scanner and put some time into scanning them themselves.

The book covers the different brands of scanners in great detail, and many of them may be too expensive for the person who is not a professional photographer, but, having read the book, you’ll better understand the issues.

One very helpful aspect of the book is the many, many photographs, showing the same image scanned with different scanners, or the same image repaired (say from scratches) using different software tools.

If you’ve wondered what RAW format is and how to achieve it, this book will help you with that.

For most of us, this book is almost assuredly too much information, but on the up side, that means the information that we do want is clear and easy to find.

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