Soldering DVD

I’ve been looking around for resources for people who want to learn to solder, but may not be able to get to a class. I saw this DVD in the Rio catalog and thought, “Hmm, I’ll have to order that.” Low and behold, a week later I was looking for a CD and found I’d already bought the DVD!

I watched it and I definitely recommend it. It’s long and detailed and includes possibly more information than you want at the time — but it’s all helpful background and safety information that you really should have.

The close up views of the actual soldering are very clear, and they are supplemented by computer graphics.

More resources:

There are some informative videos posted over on Technorati. One is “Five Reasons Solder Does Not Flow,” and the other is “Jesse Creates a Ring,” by Jesse Lee Jacobs. The second one warns you that it’s nine minutes long, so grab that cup of coffee and settle in.

The book, Practical Joining by Tim McCreight is also an excellent resource to help you with soldering, as well as cold connections and adhesives.

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