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I’ve found some really comprehensive sites on safety for artists.

Here’s one from the City of Tucson, Health and Safety in the Arts. It’s organized by medium, studio safety, has an excellent reading list and is searchable.

Goshen College has a site, Working Safely with Art Materials. Among other things they have a link to a searchable database for MSDS’s, here.

An MSDS is a Material Safety Data Sheet. You can request one from your supplier whenever you order something that has an MSDS. It informs you of the hazards of the material and what precautions to take.

Now, many of these are also online from your supplier. Rio has many of them online, once you’re logged in.

The most relevant book for us is The Jewelry Workshop Safety Report by Charles Lewton Brain, available from your favorite jewelry supply house or directly from Charles’s website, Brain Press.

It’s wonderful, comprehensive, and the only one on the topic.

A more general book is The Artist’s Complete Guide to Health and Safety.

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