(Part II of a series on blogging for jewelers and artists.)

What is your goal?

Since you’re writing for free, and you could get paid to write, why do it?

Well, to drive traffic to your site and sell more jewelry,


to raise your profile as a professional and get your name “out there.”

Elaine’s Rules for Blogging:

1. No white text on a black background. If I go to your site and you have white text I will leave. And I have a big monitor. It hurts my eyes, period, and I’m saving my eyes for jewelry making.

2. You must self-host your blog. You may start out on Blogger if you must, but then you must move to self-hosting your blog. Why? Because if you don’t, you won’t be taken seriously. And you should own your content and own your site, you just should. Start off right from the beginning.

3. Use Word Press for your software. It’s the best, trust me.

4. No pictures of you with your pet. No pictures of your pet, period, unless you make products for pets and they are modeling. No other exceptions. Same goes for your kids. Others may disagree, but if this is a professional blog, then keep it professional. If you want a mommy blog, get a mommy blog. You may put that one on Blogger.

5. Read the meta blogs, the blogs about blogging. Keep learning.

6. Use social media to spread the word about your blog.

What are people interested in reading about? What readers do you want to attract?

You, I assume, want to attract people who buy handcrafted jewelry.

So, what do you your readers, your customers want to read about?

Sample blog:


I love Luann’s blog, it’s tightly, tightly focused. She’s opinionated, but that’s okay, because it’s on topic. She keeps it impersonal. If she mentions something about her personal life, it’s as an analogy for something, there’s a point to it.

Hers is one of the blogs in my Google Reader. I like it even though she uses hardly any pictures, I think she should use more.

Okay, so for you, the artist blogger:

I would suggest you read a ton of artist’s blogs, specifically jewelers, there are some on my links page.

Use your new blog to do this:

- talk about what you’re making, see the Happy Day Art blog for a good example.

- talk about what shows you’re doing — scan and post the post cards.

- decide how often to post and then do it. At least three times a week.

Things like that. Every post you do should be focused on this:

- promoting the image of YOU, Jewelry Artist Extraordinaire

- giving your future customers a chance to peak inside the YOU art experience. Because that’s what buyers of handcrafted jewelry are buying.

Your blog should build your brand.

Whew what a lecture! Ask me questions!

(For more sample blogs, check out my Links section; if you’d like to read about blogs I’ve highlighted and why do a search on “Blog of the Week.”)

Be sure to read the comments for some great info. from other artist bloggers!

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