Press Play

Do you ever watch HGTV?

And see how people tell the interior designer, “Well, I like stuff that’s modern (or traditional or whatever), but not too modern. And I hate blue and I really don’t know what I want in this room, except it’s boring now…”

And then the designer creates something fabulous that is exactly what the couple wanted, but didn’t know they wanted it?

That, I was thinking today, is exactly what my website designers do for me. They pull out of me what I want the site(s) to look like, and make it better than I would make it if I were trying to do it myself.

That’s the value of using professional designers.

As self-employed business owners, we can get into the habit of trying to do everything ourselves. I hold that you can’t do everything, that you must choose.

What do you choose to do? What do you hire other experts to do for you? Post a comment! Thanks!

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