Are You Easy to Help?

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or, do you ask for what you need?

by Elaine Luther

A good friend of mine is opening a retail store (non-jewelry related). And she’s been amazed at all the offers of help — people wanted to help paint the store, bake cookies for the grand opening party, stock the shelves. It was a job in itself to manage all the helpers!

Which reminded me of something Barbara Sher said in her book, Wishcraft, How to Get What You Really Want.

Sher says, “Once you get your show on the road, everyone wants a part.” My friend has certainly found this to be true.

Luckily, she has a background in managing people, and she handled all her helpers with aplomb, giving everyone jobs they were good at and would enjoy, while also genuinely helping her.

All this made me think, am I easy to help? Do people know how to help me? Do I ask for what I need?

What does your business need? Have you asked for it? Is your mission clear? Do other people know what you do, well enough to explain it to others?

Now I’ll ask for help.

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Thank you! I appreciate your help!

Your turn now. What will you ask for?


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  1. Art Jewelry on 24 Apr 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Are you easy to help? A question for jewelry artists, business owners, parents, hobbyists,…well, pretty much everyone….

    So, are you easy to help? That's a question that I read on Elaine Luther's blog (click here to…

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