by Elaine Luther

While I have done torch firing, it’s not my favorite way to fire. You can’t beat it though, for immediate results.

I asked Marco Fleseri, a serious torch fire-er which butane torch he likes best.

Although his best torch-firing results are achieved with a professional propane-and-oxygen setup, for smaller/simpler designs he likes his Lenk LPT-200 butane torch for its sturdy metal construction, ample fuel tank, easy push-button ignition system and rubber grip and base.

Marco taught himself to torch fire just by watching the online video by Tim McCrieght at the PMC Guild site.

When Marco tells me about the things he torch fires, I say, “But, you’re not supposed to be able to do that!” However, with 18 years of metalsmithing experience including 3+ years of metal clay torch-firing experience, he’s perfected the technique and gets great results.

If you’re in the market for a torch, this is a good one. Marco says,

“getting good results with torch-firing takes skill and patience. It’s not as easy as kiln-firing. It’s just cheaper and more immediate, and an important option for those who can’t afford a kiln or aren’t ready for the commitment expense of one.”

If you’re going to get a butane torch, don’t skimp. You get what you pay for: the cheaper ones have an annoying habit of the flame disappearing at crucial moments.

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