Managing Your Show Applications

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Have you heard of Call for Entry? You may hear of it soon, if you’re applying to a gallery show, or show sponsored by an arts organization. It’s a website that makes the whole jury process much easier for the arts organization to manage, and it may simplify things for the artist as well.

Check it out at

Another important aspect of applying to craft fairs, wholesale shows and gallery shows is managing your deadlines — making sure you don’t miss them, and also making sure you’re not emailing your digital files in at 2 minutes to midnight on the day of the deadline!

If you’re already using some sort of pda, such as a Palm Pilot, you’ve probably already got this covered. But what about those of us who resist taking up yet another electronic device that we have to maintain?

I still think paper calendars are a great thing — but I finally gave in and started to use iCal, which comes with every mac. Another option is google calendar, which is free, and has the advantage of being accessible from anywhere you can get to a computer and wi-fi.

Here’s another cool thing about google calendar: you can create multiple calendars within your free account and see them all at once, or one at a time.

So, for instance, you can create a “Home” calendar, a “Show Deadlines” calendar — and as many more as you need and then click to view one at a time, and really focus on those events. And then you can click to view all of the calendars at once — you might discover a conflict that way and realize you need to back up your show prep by a week.

When you’re putting your show deadlines into your calendar, remember to create additional, internal deadlines just for yourself. Create a deadline to get your work to the photographer, or shoot it yourself; set aside time to upload the ’slides’ or put them on CD and mail them.

What do you do to manage your show application deadlines?

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