I’ve been thinking about updating my head shot. If you’re observant, you’ll notice its copyright date is 2004. I like that it’s black and white. I may do that again. The photographer who took my head shot, Greg Schreck, is known for his black and white work, and I liked the head shot he did for another local artist.

This time, I’m thinking of buying my own lights and having my husband, a gifted ametuer photographer, take the head shot.

Any excuse to buy more equipment, right?

Here are the lights I’m thinking of getting:

with the clip-on diffusers:

or perhaps the beefier kit with umbrellas:

For a backdrop, I’m looking at the ones at Set Shop. Part of the reason they have some that are amazingly affordable, is that they are small, certainly big enough for one person for a head shot.

Would you have thought you could set up a mini portrait studio for so little?

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