How to Run Your Business Like a Girl: Successful Strategies from Entrepreneurial Women Who Made It Happen by Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin

Despite the silly name, this is a good book.

This is one of the many business books out there with the true tales from the lives of business owners.

I read a lot of these and sometimes they resonate and sometimes they don’t. The author has chosen an odd assortment of business owners — some wildly successful with huge business and New York city offices, and others who are quirky “just me working from home” folks.

It seems too far flung, but somehow it works.

It’s a quick, entertaining read, and one of the folks profiled or with a mini interview (of which there are many) may resonate with you.

In the mini interviews, she asks folks “How would a guy run your business differently?” and just reading all of those and noticing the patterns is interesting.

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