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Do not place your items on your black leather couch. Your old leather couch.

Do not take a wine glass, fill it with confetti and hand earrings off of the edge of the glass. In fact, stay out of the kitchen entirely, no jewelry on top of beds of beans, rice or coffee beans.

Do not use the broken off arm of a mannequin to model a bracelet.

Do not shoot the jewelry on your wooden floor. It may be lovely as a wooden floor, but it’s a terrible background for jewelry. Esp. when it’s a very scratched floor.

Do not put the jewelry on, while wearing just whatever you happen to have on that day, and have someone snap a picture of you, sans your head.

Do not take a pictures with human models that make white skin look pale, ghostly, sickly or otherwise just not attractive. And watch out for male models who are excessively hairy. How about this? No live models unless the photographer is a pro and the model is a pro, or at least extremely well groomed.

Cleavage, I forgot to mention cleavage. Too much, not a good thing.

Do not shoot your jewelry on fabric that has a very thick nap, pile or is linty. Velvet seems like a good idea, but it isn’t.

Do not shoot your jewelry on a background so lovely that I go, “OOooo, what is that? I want that picture/print/fabric/whatever.”

Don’t make me ask questions such as, “What is that?” “Is that an earring?” “Is that a set?” “What body part is that?” If you make me wonder, if I can’t tell right away what the item is, I’m off to the next seller’s website.

How about you? What’s the worst, most distracting background you’ve seen in a jewelry picture? Post a comment below. Thanks!

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