by Elaine Luther

I’ve been asked what camera I use. My new camera is the Canon PowerShot A570 IS.

The real photographer in the family is my husband — he knows what aperture and shutter speed and all that stuff means. He appreciates the full manual feature on this camera. And that the picture you get is the picture you took when you snapped it. Our old camera had a lag that drove him nuts.

The more we use this camera, the more we love it. One of the most amazing features is the stabilization feature. I was doing some practice shots for a step-by-step article — doing working with tools with my right hand and taking pictures with my left hand. As you can imagine, this is not easy, since the button is all the way over on the right. Naturally, the camera shook, but the pictures are in focus!

You can see some of the pictures taken with this camera on the blog, but remember that images for the blog are not full size — so some sharpness is lost, especially if I use Photoshop to prepare the images and use the “Web” feature.

If you’re going to use this camera to shoot your jewelry, all you have to do is hit the macro button (a little flower) and turn off the flash. You can do both of those with toggle buttons that are right on the camera, without going into a menu.

It’s also a good idea to increase the file size of your images to the best, when shooting your jewelry. This is easily done with a menu. Then, if you also use the camera just for family snapshots, you can change that to a smaller file size so the memory card won’t fill up so fast.

Speaking of memory cards, remember that the ones that come with cameras are always too small and you’ll need to buy a larger one.

You can see some pictures we’ve taken with the new camera on the blog, the recent posts on PMC Sheet and Jewelry Tourism: Washington, D.C. include them. Remember though, that to post pictures on the blog, I have to resize them and make them smaller, so the quality is actually better than this.

Did I mention that this camera has 7.1 megapixels, yet is under $200.00?

My old camera had fewer than 3 mega pixels, so this was quite a leap! The clarity is amazing.

I’ll post some photos here. A shot from the farmers market and a Ferris wheel.


Ferris Wheel

Here’s the PMC Sheet picture. I snapped this on my workbench with just the regular room light.

PMC Sheet

So this is a camera that will make you look like a better photographer than you really are. The lights I’m using now for my photography set up aren’t quite the right color, pictures usually come out brownish instead of grayish when I’m using the gradient gray background. Recent pictures taken with the Canon PowerShot — the camera corrected for the bad lights, and the resulting pictures are true to life colorsno need to “Color Correct” in Photoshop.

I only recommend things and books on the blog that I have personally tried, read, used, and am pleased with. I can recommend this camera with confidence for your macro photography and snapshot needs. (occasionally I tell you about things I’ve found, and I try to make it clear when I’m telling you about something I haven’t seen/read yet.)

Sure, a one thousand dollar camera might be even better. But for most of us, we’re jewelers, not photographers. If you don’t have the time or inclination to learn a full SLR digital camera, the good news is, you don’t have to.

Note: the camera picture above is the model most similar to mine that is currently available on amazon.

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