Pam writes:

I am doing two presentations at the MCWC in July and need some images. I am looking for four different catagories of images. I would appreciate entries
for any or all of them. Photo credits will be given!! Please send images
to me at pam (edit) pameast (edit here too) net

1. Enamel success on Silver Clay. Any brand, any technique. Especially
interested in projects that were a challenge in some regard (warm colors,
awkward angles, etc), but all images are welcome.

2. Enamel FAILURES on Silver Clay. Need visual examples of how things can
go wrong.

3. Enamel sucess on Copper Clay. Any brand, any technique.

4. Enamel FAILURES on Copper clay. Again, we learn as much from what
doesn’t work as from what does. Visual examples very valuable!

I know the Copper clay is brand spanking new, but hopefully a few people
other than myself have been working on enameling it. Anything is welcome!

Thank you!

Pam East

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