There are two new metal clay magazines coming out soon, and both have calls out for articles and images.

One is Metal Clay Today, an online magazine:



Metal Clay Enthusiasts of all levels
Deadline: August 15, 2009
Metal Clay Today
Editor: Arli Wolfson
Web site:

The Editor and staff of Metal Clay Today are pleased to announce an
Artists Call for Metal Clay Artists and enthusiasts for inclusion in the
Premier Issue of Metal Clay Today online magazine.

The Mission of Metal Clay Today is to be your voice in the very creative
community of artists, artisans and metal clay devotees.

Metal Clay Today is a forum open to the sharing of ideas and
techniques… a meeting place for the widely diverse ranks of metal clay

We invite you to submit projects, photos, articles, ideas, tips and
tricks…and encourage your questions, suggestions, and requests for
information. If you’ve ever thought I’d like to be a published
writer, designer, or artist then this is a great place to start!

In each issue we will spotlight an established artist, a new “Rising
Star,” and informative articles on working with our favorite medium,
Metal Clay.

If you have an article about any of the metal clays that you believe
will be of interest to our readers, or know of a new Rising Star, send
inquiries to MetalClayToday (at)

Artists whose articles are selected will receive free advertising for a
year in the magazine and a spot in our Artist Showcase for three months.

Please contact us at MetalClayToday (at)

Pictures should be a minimum of 300 dpi and 4×6.

About Metal Clay Today

Metal Clay Today was founded in April 2009 by Tes Shea and Arli Wolfson
to fill the void of Metal Clay Artists looking for good articles,
projects and resources based on the medium of Metal Clay. Until
recently there were NO magazines devoted to our medium. All articles on
Metal Clay seemed to be located in Bead magazines but only occasionally.
We believe there is a NEED for a magazine devoted to Metal Clay Artists
and enthusiasts, which will give a voice to all of us who enjoy Metal
Clay so much.

Tes is the webmaster of Metal Clay Today and an Art Clay World certified
instructor since 2007. Arli Wolfson is the Editor in Chief of Metal Clay Today and owner of StudioArli.


Metal Clay Magazine will be a physical magazine coming out of Canada. Here’s the info.:

Hi All!

I guess I can be a lurker no more! I am excited to tell you that I am launching a Metal Clay Magazine! I am making up a sample issue to use to “sell” the idea. It will be a mini version of the real thing. I’d love to get you all going on this pilot issue too! After all…this magazine is for Metal Clay Artists! If you have ideas or feedback, please contact me!

The following is a list of things I’d like to include in the pilot issue…but of course there are lots more to add for later issues!

I need someone to head up the “Tips and FAQ” and “Cool Tools” or new developments. We will also need Artists to Profile, and pictures for the Gallery. For this pilot issue we are also accepting ads for free! Stores, On-Line Stores, Artists, Instructors, Classes….

Regular ads for this issue must be ready to go as we don’t have time to actually make up the ads. For the “classified” sections please send me your information.

We will also need a continual amount of “how-to” articles, and information pieces. If you would like to submit your work for consideration, please remember to take your photos at 400 dpi.

I look forward to hearing from you all! This is the magazine for us!

Jeannette Le Blanc

The magazine has a “fan” page on facebook, where you can connect with Jeanette.

Judi Weers adds:

Just call me “Doc”. Yep, I’m Dr. Metal Clay!
I need lots of questions for my column in the new Metal Clay Artist Mag, so keep ‘em coming!
Send all question/metal clay problems to Dr_MC (at)

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