If you’d like some interesting reading on it, these finds stem from the thread on Orchid, Jeweler$ versus Painter$$$ in which Pat Pruitt recommends the podcast, “How Envy Killed the Crafts Movement,” by Garth Clark, ceramics expert:


which lead me to these:

http://wdbannard.org/?mode=by&id=69 Craft and Art Envy

http://www.brucemetcalf.com/blog The Craft Gadfly, the blog of Bruce Metcalf

Here’s a transcript of a speech given by Bruce at SNAG 2008, which got some vigorous blogosphere response (terribly interesting, wish I could find that blog again).*

Bruce’s speech on the Indie Crafts movement is quite interesting, given his understanding of the history of the various crafts movements. http://www.brucemetcalf.com/pages/essays/diy_websites_energy.html

* Found it: http://www.imogene.org/blog/2008/03/09/confessions

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