At last there’s a book out on bronze clay! I think many readers will flip right to the trouble shooting chart. If you’re thinking Yvonne’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s one of the technical staff at Rio Grande, you may have met her in the Rio booth at a metal clay conference!

Lark Books is the publisher of this first book on Bronze Clay, and they sent me a copy to review. (Yes, there were already some booklets and ebooks, but this is the first physical book from a publisher.)

I’ve been working with BronzClay for a little over a year. I’ve also worked with CopprClay, Art Clay Copper and Hadar’s Clays. I’ve taken a class in Art Clay Copper. Even so, I found this book helpful.

The base metal clays are tricky, and just when I think I’ve got it, ack! something goes wrong again!

The troubleshooting section is four pages long! In a format that will be familiar to you if you buy a lot of craft books, the front third or so covers the how-tos and the back two-thirds features projects.

My one slight disappointment with this book is that it doesn’t have the many, many lush full color pictures that I’ve come to expect in every Lark book. The projects have a photo of the completed project and then a few drawings for the step by step, along with written step by step directions.

This is okay for me, as an experienced metal clay person, but it could be a drawback for someone newer to the material.

Who this book is good for: anyone who wants to work with the base metal clays. Even if you’ve already been working with bronze clay, you’ll still find handy tips in this book. I’ve found tips and reminders that are worth the price of the book already. And it’s nice to have a physical book to sit down and read, with all the information in one place, from one author.

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