CALL FOR ARTISTS- Co:Operation Tableware

What is this exhibition about ?

An exhibition featuring work by pairs of artists who cooperatively
create a set of tableware (functional or nonfunctional.) To be exhibited
at Fancy Gallery, Seattle during the SNAG conference 2011.

Why tableware? Eating requires the systematic use of a variety of serving tools- from flatware to dinnerware to serveware. Many functional serving elements combine each time we sit down to enjoy a meal. A cup and a saucer, a knife and a fork, a soup bowl and a spoon, diverse items work hand in hand at the breakfast or dinner table.

Can two artists create cooperatively too? Can two artists who typically work in different media (metal, paper, plastic, Cad Cam, enamel, ceramics, glass, wood, polymers etc.) create a set of objects that when combined allow for a meaningful function at the table?

This exhibition would like to show how two individual makers develop a
tableware set together. These objects can work together, respond to one
another, converse between each other, or work dependently with one

We are looking for work that has been developed by artists from a
variety of craft backgrounds. The goal of the exhibition is to show
where the influence of each individual artist ends, and FLOWS into the
creative sphere of the team, thus picking up on the SNAG conference
theme FLUX (Flux as a Process.) The end result will be an exhibition of
sets of items on which both artists worked cooperatively, and that
complement each other in their function (e.g.: ladle and gravy bowl,
fork and knife, pots and pans, cup and saucer, etc.)

Sarah Abramson, Andy Cooperman, Brigitte Martin

The jurying process ensures that the work submitted is of the highest
quality, and follows the curatorial mission outlined in the proposal.
Factors such as craftsmanship, dedication to the concept of the show,
diversity, intrigue, and interpretation of the call will be considered
for the exhibition.

This exhibition is an open call to all craft artists regardless of
medium. Artists are asked to form partnerships based on interest in each
other’s work, and diversity in craft technique/materials displayed.
Cross-media and international relationships are strongly encouraged.
This is meant to be a FUN project. If you ever wanted to create
something with an artist friend of yours: This is your chance !

Only one member of each pairing is required to be a current member of
SNAG, the other partner does not have to be a SNAG member.

Facilitation of potential collaborators: We have established a webpage
where potential collaborators can connect with potential participants
from another medium: In other words, if you are furniture maker,
ceramicist etc and wish to collaborate with a SNAG member (and vice
versa), we will try to facilitate this collaborative work relationship
by having available candidates on two separate lists.

SNAG members looking to collaborate with others

NON-SNAG members looking to collaborate

Become a member of CoOperation Tableware on Crafthaus

Become a member of CoOperation Tableware on FaceBook

Deadline for entry (both electronic or by mail – no postmark): Nov 5, 2010

available on the Crafthaus CoOperation Tableware group page

Online: After the closing of the exhibition, this show will also be featured as an online exhibition on crafthaus in June/July 2011 !

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