They probably really want a gift certificate to one of their favorite metal clay suppliers. But if you really want to wrap that gift certificate up with something…

Here are some ideas of what to tie it to:

This is the new ceramic firing box from PMC Connection, to be used instead of a stainless steel one. (Stainless steel works great, but the black flakes in the kiln are a drag.)

Thanks to Hadar Jacobson for first coming up with the idea for alternative materials for firing boxes. I love her idea for making individual boxes, but don’t personally want to grind fire bricks, so I’m excited to see this new product from PMCC.

I haven’t reviewed this terrific book yet, but anyone who doesn’t have it yet will be thrilled to have it. Our local guild watched the video that comes with the book (with permission from Kate) and all found it helpful. It’s an enthusiastic thumbs up for the book with DVD.

Or you could go local, with a gift card to your local bead store, many of which have metal clay classes, plus, you know, beads, and everyone loves beads. Saturday is Small Business Saturday, a great day to stop by your local bead store.

And you can’t go wrong with a subscription to a jewelry magazine. Try this special issue all on metal clay jewelry, from Art Jewelry Magazine. Buy it in book stores or online:

Membership in a metal clay guild is always appreciated – there’s the PMC Guild, the Art Clay Society and local chapters. Join up at:

Find UK local chapters here:
and for French speakers:
(any I missed? Please post a comment.)

I know I’d love to get the Riveting Tool from Metal Clay Findings (hint, hint family)

That’s 7 ideas! Help me get to 10, what are you wishing for this holiday season?

Update, Dec. 5: Here’s a video tutorial from Beaducation on the riveting tool:

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