In 2010, I continued my role of being your internet filter and bringing you the interesting, relevant and exciting that’s out there on metal clay, the business of selling, and staying motivated and creative. Plus my own original writing and posting calls for entry.

This has been a good year for me personally. This year, I had a piece of my art in a juried show at a gallery in Chicago — the Mothers show at Womanmade Gallery. And I rejoined the board of the Chicago Metal Arts Guild, which I helped to found 10 years ago.

2010 was a head-spinning year for metal clay — new clays, new guilds, all over the world! I wrote about some of that in Keeping it Simple with Base Metal Clays.

Here are some of my posts musing about assorted subjects:

Outmoded technology

Top Ten Reasons to Put Off Making Jewelry

Top Ten Reasons TO Make Jewelry Today

I did a series on studio tours:

The Un-studio tour

Studio Tour with Ginger Allen Meek

Virtual studio tour with Joyce Fritz

And if we dip into 2009 just a little, there’s a nice profile with studio pics from Lorena Angulo.

and a more recent post From the Studio Tour Series, has a link to Katie Hacker’s studio pics and tells the tale of my big studio-move, still in progress.

And in 2010, I managed to quote Beverly Cleary on the blog! Here, in the quote of the week.

One of the other themes that has emerged on the blog this year has been about creativity, staying motivated. Here are some of them:

What I Learned from Quilting

Jump Start Your Creativity, a guest post from Ann Davis. (thanks Ann!)

Artist/Mother Mother/Artist

Art and Fear

And a couple of categories that are always chock-full of goodness are the Reviews and Sources.

There’s so much more I could mention! It’s been an important maturing year for metal clay. The PMC Conference, the art exhibit there, the release of PMC Pro…

What do you think? What were the most significant developments for you, personally this year, and for metal clay? Please comment, thanks!

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