As promised, here are some pictures of my new studio. I’d call these “during,” as opposed to after pictures, as there’s still a lot of putting-away to do. You see my kiln and my hydraulic press there. The jack is Bonny Doon but the press is custom welded.

It’s a chemicals cabinet! And a sink! The cabinet door could benefit from some chalkboard paint, I think. The green wall color, I’m not crazy about, but neither do I want paint them. I don’t want to hold myself up in the search for the perfect studio and then never actually make anything. I want to get on with the making. (which I’m doing, got some good studio time yesterday and started on this week’s ring for Ring-a-Week.)

Look at all that potential work space on the coutner! Once I find homes for all that stuff. You gather a lot of bits and pieces in 20 years.

I love the way this bead tower fit right in to this little spot. The picture hanging hooks were already there, they looked like they needed something, so I hung these up. (I have a lot of duplicates of tools from teaching.)

And the bench! This is really heavy, this was the hold up in getting the new studio set up. It’s totally not ready for work, I just piled a lot of stuff on. More unpacking to do!

I plan to have my Ring-a-Week ring done by Sunday! I’m excited to see how many people are joining in!

Like every other studio I’ve ever had, this one is cold. And the lighting is terrible. We’re working on those. In the meantime, I’ll drink hot tea and use lamps.

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