Layered Leaf Ring by Elaine Luther (c) 2010

I see on flickr that most of the RAW folks are numbering their rings RAW 1, RAW 2. So I’ll start numbering mine that way too. I’ll count all four from last week, and start with RAW 5 this week. (I’ll still make a ring every week, I’ll just make more than 52, but I decided to count all of them.)

First of all, let me say that an unexpected benefit of participating in RAW is the awesome feedback on flickr. I’m amazed by all the wonderful comments from the other Ring-a-Week folks. It’s really cool, if you’re on the fence, I encourage you to jump in.

Here’s another view of that ring, RAW 5, Layered Leafy Ring.

Here’s another ring, RAW 6, Brick wall ring.

Brick wall ring by Elaine Luther (c) 2010

And finally, RAW 7, a three layer ring a project right out of Kate McKinnon’s book. I must have followed the directions incorrectly, because it ended up huge! Love the design though and this piece will be turned into a pendant.

Triple ring by Elaine Luther

Love the book, by the way, the Kate McKinnon, Sculptural Metal Clay.

A while ago, our metal clay guild, with Kate’s permission, watched the DVD that comes with the book, the DVD is great. The book and the DVD are each worth the price. I’m totally won over on her method of making seems. For the Brick wall ring, above, I used her technique of cutting the metal clay leather hard and then “squidging” them together. Gorgeous seam! Love it.

The Triple layer ring above, I think my one of my errors was making the interior circle too small. Oh well, it will turn into a cool pendant.

A big thumbs up on the book.

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