I read somewhere recently that author Roald Dahl never finished what he was working on at the end of a writing session, that he would stop even in the middle of a sentence, so that when he sat down to write again, boom, finish the sentence and keep writing.

No staring at a blank page. I loved that. So last week, I had a ring in progress, but rather than push to finish it, I left that partial ring on my bench. Here it is:

The rest of the ring is in the kiln now, I’ll combine them later today. That worked very well for me today, the Ronald Dahl method, I knew exactly what the first thing I was going to make today was.

Here’s more stuff in progress. I rescued some things from the scrap bin:

and I took some of those scraps and hammered them up on a steel ring mandrel:

…just take those scraps and hammer them, don’t worry about the old patinas or earring holes, just hammer.

I also did the old take a ring from the scrap bin, grab another random thing, and stick them together trick. Here it is. (connected with homemade oil paste.) not fired yet.

Another ring in the kiln, I’ll show you the finished rings later today, those will be RAW 8, 9 and 10. And I’ll leave something on my bench for next week…

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