I was just working on taping down into my sketchbook instructions from a website for a new technique I want to try. I used to never do that, can you believe it? No messy sketchbooks for me, no.

Now I like to tape in pictures of completed work, work in progress, pictures for inspiration, and instructions.

I got the idea that that was okay (where do I get these rules anyway?) from blogger Catherine Witherell, and her posts on her art journals.

For years, I limited my self to metalsmithing and jewelry making because it takes years to master, and allowed myself only the smallest deviations into other areas of art.

My blogging friends Catherine Witherell, Vickie Hallmark and Lorena Angulo showed me it’s okay to have more than one medium! Imagine that.

And all of them showed me how to be an interesting blogger, and how to share my artwork.

From Luann Udell, I’m learning how to write very honestly about life and art.

Photo credit: Gerald79 at the Stock Exchange. http://www.digital-delight.ch

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