What to read:

Metalsmith Arthur Hash, mentioned in previous posts, has designed some really terrific metalsmithing Tshirts and aprons.  You can see his store here.

Thinking about buying a Potter USA hydraulic press?  Arthur has an extensive review of it on his blog.

The Smaller Box blog has a terrific post (one of so many) called, “Is Etsy Hindering Your Customer Relationships?”

What to watch:

A friend reminded me about the terrific series, Craft in America, from PBS.

Artist Luann Udell has a video studio tour up, what a great idea!  It’s fascinating to see what she collects, and fun to hear the voice of one of my internet friends.  Maybe you could do the same thing with your studio.  Don’t like being on camera?  She’s not in this video, just the studio!

What to make:

I happen to have an enormous stash of buttons right now, so this tutorial for making a button bowl caught my eye.

When to tweet:

The Fine Art Tips blog has advice for us on the Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Media.


What to wear:  

Watching the finale of What Not to Wear, plus talking to my fashion friend who makes custom clothing, have me thinking about how to best up my game, clothing-wise.  I’m in a creative field and I think I should dress more creatively, while still looking professional.

I don’t have a link to share for this one, I guess it’s more of a question: what’s your take on how artists should dress?  Do you dress in all black, ala Vera Wang, and let the jewelry shine?  Do you have a “costume” you where when you go to your show openings?  What have you done to up your fashion game?  Please comment.  Thanks.

Photo credit: David Brahn.

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