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How have I benefitted from being a member of Art Biz Incubator at Art Biz Coach?

Community and Support …nurture is right in the tag line

I’ve learned I work best when I have a team around me. My team includes my web designer, my graphic designer, my editor, my photographer, and now it includes Alyson Stanfield and everyone who’s a member of the Art Biz Coach Artist Incubator.

One of the things I like about working with a team is that it creates deadlines and gives me something to respond to. When you’re a solopreneur and things only happen when you make them happen, the more help and support you can get to make things happen, the better.

This past year for me has been about figuring out what I need to nurture in my life so that I can create more art, more jewelry, and take my business to the next level. I discovered I needed to nurture myself and find support elsewhere too.

My local artist support groups that I attend are terrific, but they’re only once a month, or quarterly. With the Art Biz Coach Incubator from Art Biz Coach, I’ve got daily support. There’s a members-only facebook group where I can ask (and answer) questions, there’s a monthly group call with Alyson where I can ask questions.

As soon as I got into the member area for the first time, I realized this was going to be a resource I could learn from for a long time. And I also kept thinking, “I’ve got to tell my artist friends about this!” I’d read and think oh, “Anne would love this, Lisa would love this, I’ve got to tell them about it.”

And I keep wanting to blog about things that I read there, to share them with you, and then I remember I can’t, “oh right! It’s in the member area.” Because this is a program I really believe in, I joined the affiliate program.

Resources and Staying on Track

What’s my next step? I have a place to go when I don’t know what to do next, and then I have direction. I’ve just had a string of activities and was incredibly busy—I gave a speech, do do guest posts that happened to come out almost at the same time, I installed my solo show and launched the product line of shirts, cards, stickers and prints with images of the artwork.

The “hook” of having the show gained media placements for me, but then what? Once that rush-rush of all that (wonderful) work was over, I was floundering a little. What should I do next?

So I logged into the member area of the Art Biz Coach Incubator to see, okay, what do I do? I selected the Ramp Up Marketing Focus Area and selected the audio files and written guides to help me for exactly where I am now.

I’m writing my marketing plan using the form and guide from Alyson, so it’s not a stab in the dark, it’s comprehensive and strategic.

I have lots of role model artists to learn from and be inspired by.

How do others on this path make it work for them? What’s their story and what can I apply from their story to my path? There’s plenty of inspiration to be had, in the Inspiration Focus Area as well as mixed in with other posts and audio files that are actually about something else.

Speaking of audio files, there are a ton of audio files in the library at Art Biz Coach Incubator which are terrific for listening to in the car. I love being able to take my unproductive time – just driving somewhere by myself – and turn that into learning time by bringing along an audio file from Alyson to listen to on my iPod. Waiting in line at the gas station? no problem! I’m learning while I wait!

I’ve purchased audio programs from Art Biz Coach before and paid $27.00 per audio program. Now, for $37.00/month, I have unlimited access to everything new she creates for the Art Biz Incubator at the ArtBizCoach, plus everything in that large library.

I’ve read lots of books, but I’m ready for the next level, I’m ready for really specific information and help, and that’s what I’m getting from the Art Biz Coach Incubator. Are you ready?

Click HERE to join me.

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