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How do you get yourself to get more done? I recently came across an article that had some suggestions for making it even more fun to cross things off your to-do list. (Could that even be possible? It’s already so fun!)

The article (wherever it was) suggested the free app Habit RPG. I was skeptical, but tried it anyway, could it get me to get those stubborn things done, those things that stay on my to-do list week after week?

The answer is yes!

It’s silly that it works, but it does. You give yourself to-dos in various categories, Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and you give yourself Rewards to choose from.

I’ve been using it for a few days and have accumulated 71 virtual gold coins. Yay me! I can spend those on silly virtual things, like better clothes and a sword for my little avatar, or I can choose the rewards that I listed for myself.

It’s fun to see the progress bar move across the screen as I check off more tasks. And one of my Dailies is to promote my business on social media. Sure, I participate in social media every day, but do I always do posts that promote my products? No, not before Habit RPG.

I feel silly that it works, but lots of research shows that when we make things a game, we get more done. Anyway, thought I should share it with you, in case it helps you too.

Also available for Android and web based use.

The next tool is a handy word counting website.

You may know about these already, but in case you don’t. Another tool I have is my local artist and craftsperson business support group and each month we state our goals that we’ll accomplish before the next meeting. At May’s meeting, I said that by the June meeting I’d apply for two grants and two residencies.

Today I submitted the first of those two grant applications and while I was working on the grant application, I used to count the number of characters in my resume and statement.

Some online application systems count the words or characters for you and some don’t. Plus, I like to prepare my application off line and then go through the online process quickly, with everything ready to go.

Hope that helps!

What do you to to get your work done? Any gamification that works for you? Comments are open!

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