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Metal Jewelry Techniques: Enameling, Engraving, Setting, and Mounting - a Masterclass

Metal Jewelry Techniques: Enameling, Engraving, Setting, and Mounting – a Masterclass

Just when you think that every possible book on jewelry making has been written, someone comes out with another winner. Charles Codina, whose other books I’ve loved and reviewed (The New Jewelry is one) has a new one out: Metal Jewelry Techniques: Enameling, Engraving, Setting, Mounting (A Master Class).

Publisher Schiffer sent me a copy to review.

One of the things I love about Charles is that he can do just about everything, apparently, and he makes it look easy!

Almost everything in this book is covered in one or both of Oppi Untract’s books, but this newer book has color pictures, a big advantage.

In addition to ages old techniques, any book by Charles Codina also covers the newest techniques. There are some fun and good looking projects in this book involving image transfer, carving alternative materials, airbrush painting and more.

While Charles is the lead author and editor, other voices are included in the book as well. Guest chapters and projects and works by other jewelry artists round out the book.

I was surprised to see niello covered in a brand new book, since it’s a technique that uses lead.

Who this book is for: this is not a book for beginners, except perhaps as inspiration and aspiration. For example, the section on setting faceted stones is clear if you already know how to set, but if you’re a total beginner, it would probably not be enough information for you.

I suppose the biggest question, is will I actually use this book myself? I already love it for inspiration. It’s helpful to see what European jewelry artists are up to.

The project that was “worth the price of the book,” so to speak, is one that uses an LED light and connects the battery in an elegant solution. I’ve been learning basic electronics along with my son and have been wanting to apply this knowledge to the world of jewelry, this step by step is very useful.

And I find the carving machinable material project interesting as well.

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