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My Booth by Elaine Luther

My Booth by Elaine Luther

Here’s my “booth” or table, really, at the recent Revolution Craft Show held at Salvage One in Chicago.

In my practice set up at home it was a bit simpler, possibly even start, but my awesome friend Lisa, a former photo-stylist with an eye for design that you just would not believe, came along to help me at the show and she styled the table for me.

One of the things she did was organize the work so that the more expensive items are what you see on the table first, as you enter the show, and the prices go down as you go down the table. I thought that was clever.

This display was done frugally, as this was my first show in a few years — I mostly sell through stores. I wasn’t sure if I would do more craft shows so I was hesitant to invest in a lot of expensive display pieces.

Luckily, as an artist, I’ve got that tendency to… what’s another word for horde? All the wood pieces on the table are pieces I just happened to have. All the fabric, I just happened to have. We offered free fabric gift wrap!

I used one ceramic necklace display that’s from when I did shows before.

I was all out of packaging, so I bought new. I got boxes that are 100% post consumer recycled. The bags I got are pretty cool — it’s a random assortment that I order of bags made of blotter paper that’s used in the textile printing industry.

(Nashville Wraps is a terrific source for recycled packaging if you need any.)

The show wasn’t the worst I’ve ever done, but it also wasn’t the best. I broke my own rule for choosing shows: I failed to walk the show a year in advance. I recommend that you always walk a show before you apply for it.

I wanted to do this show for many reasons, including to give myself an external deadline to create lots of jewelry so that I would have more jewelry to show to stores on sales calls.

That goal was accomplished!

Here are a few more views of the display:



Love this jewelry and want to buy it? These steel and bronze necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be seen at the Illinois Artisan Shop in downtown Chicago, Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, and at holiday events this season at the Oak Park Art League, Zenith Art Studio and online at on the Shop tab!

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