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While I’m still making and selling jewelry, my primary focus right now is on my other art forms: assemblage sculpture, collage paintings and learning how to do large scale public art. Plus my growing roster of public speaking gigs.

This puts me in a difficult spot because I have readers here who I don’t want to disappoint, and more subscribers arrive all the time. Oddly, I’ve been posting less than usual, but have more new subscribers than usual.

I started this blog in 2007, as a way to drive traffic to my then-online tool shop. I later shut down the shop but kept the blog, because it was fun.

In 2015, I have to ask myself, how can I best serve my readers, if I’m not actually working with metal clay as my primary art form right now?

For now, I’ll keep posting at least once a month, but I’d love to here from you. Anybody out there? Please comment! What types of posts do you find the most helpful? Would you miss the blog if it disappeared?

Your comment might just make the difference!

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