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In the early days of metal clay, there were new inventions, experiments and tools almost all the time. Naturally, things have slowed down. I’m watching with interest what’s happening with the Silhouette, a computer controlled cutting machine.

One of the ways to use the Silhouette is is make a stencil and use that with your clay, but inventive metal clay artists took it a step further and began to cut metal clay directly with the Silhouette!

The first artist I heard of doing this was Wanare Tanner, who uses it to make custom, fancy bezels. I’ve posted before about her book on the subject. She also sells pre-cut bezels and Silhouette files.

Another metal clayer doing wonderful things with the Silhouette is Paula Long of She has an instructional video.

And lastly, Cindy Pope did a Craftcast class on the Silhouette recently. You can buy it here:

Additional resources on using the Silhouette, in general, not specifically with metal clay:

The official Silhouette blog also has great tutorials, you access that from inside the Silhouette Studio software.

and there’s a public group on facebook, the MC Silies:

What about you? Have any favorite work being done in metal clay using a computer controlled cutter? A favorite blog to learn how to use the Silhouette? The comments are always open, thanks!

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