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Louvre photo by Enrique Botta

Louvre photo by Enrique Botta

Here’s one of my tricks for conferences: I try to look similar each day of the conference. If I wear my hair down on day one of the conference, I’m going to wear it down on day two.

And I’ll wear related outfits, not exactly the same, but close enough that you’re brain will go, “oh yeah, that’s her.”

I keep meeting 20something biz owners at the Self-Employment in the Arts Conference who take this further than I do, actually dressing their brand!

One such owner is the owner of Kiwi Avenue Jewelry, I have never seen owner Catherine Borzym at a conference not wearing her trademark green jacket!

At SEA 2015, I noticed Isabelle Rizo, of The Bella Vie blog, in her super stylish outfit with black striped jacket. Then, checking her blog this morning, I saw that the cartoon Isabelle is wearing a black striped shirt! How amazingly on-brand!

I’ll be working on my on-brand outfit for my next conference. How about you? Do you have trademark colors?

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