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I just recommended yet again and realized I haven’t written a blog post on it.

You can create a Smore flyer for free and then it’s easily shareable online. You get a custom url for your flyer and can share the link, online, in an email, on social media. People click the link and then they can see the flyer, share it with others, click the map if they want.

So much better than a pdf!

And after 30 views, you unlock analytics. How cool, to know how many views your flyer has gotten!

Try it! For your business, for volunteer stuff, for personal events, you’ll love it.

Here’s a video on how to make a flyer on smore:

Here’s my second marketing tip for the day. Caro Griffin, graphic designer, web coder and zine publisher has a template for a tiny zine that’s easy and fun. I’m thinking of using it to make a tiny, irresistible brochure, of sorts, to give away at my booth at an upcoming event.

Here’s the link:

(Scroll down and look for the quarter page zine template download.)

Her example is hand drawn, but if you’ve got InDesign chops, you can make it on the computer.

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