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How to Be Customer Centric

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. How do I make it all about the customer?

Here’s a terrific example of a customer-focused tweet from jewelry artist Jelene Britten:

Jelene Britten ?@jelenebritten
If you love wearing black, you’ll love my new #Ombre Glass Ring Necklace. #handmade #esty

Perhaps this one caught my eye because I do wear lots of black. See how that works?

She’s not talking about the technique she used or saying, “look, I have a new thing in my shop!” she’s saying, “hey, if this is you, you might love this,” which feels helpful.

Here’s another example of being customer focused, this time in a booth. This past weekend, I gave a speech at the Lake FX Conference in Chicago and had a booth to promote my new business.

My new business is Elaine Luther Consulting and I teach workshops for the Right Brain Business Plan. I’m a RBBP Licensed Facilitator.

I’ve had booths for craft shows, but never one for service. How on earth to come up with an interactive booth (table, really) that would draw people in?

I did lots of research – I’ll share some of that with you in future posts – and here’s the booth I came up with:

ElaineLuther's booth at LakeFX 2015

ElaineLuther’s booth at LakeFX 2015

Oh! And the whole thing had to be lightweight, I had to carry it by hand through downtown Chicago, and I wanted it to be inexpensive.

Here’s what’s in the booth:

On the right is a presentation book that unfolds to become this triangle shape that stands up on its own. I made a collage photo at and put that in the presentation book.

There’s a plastic fishbowl to enter to win a prize.

On the easel behind the table is one of my two “Big Vision” collages – so that’s a sample project for the Right Brain Business Plan process. The easel was only $15.99 from Office Max and get this – it folds up to just a foot long! It has shock cord inside and folds and unfolds in a snap, I love it!

On the left side is a piece of foam core board with questions such as, “Would you rather have an MFA than an MBA?” and people were invited to add a posit it note with their answer. Orange is no, blue is yes. (Most questions were yes/no.)

People at the expo would walk by, start to read the questions, slow down, and then stop and talk with me, find out more about what I do, sign up to enter the contest and take a postcard!

It was amazing! Being customer focused started the conversation and made them the focus, which is as it should be.

I also had a mini activity on offer, since my booth was in the maker area of the expo – we were folding the mini-zines that I’ve posted about here before. Only a few people took me up on that but it was still fun to do and gave me something else to offer.

How could you make a jewelry booth more customer focused? Are there questions you could post to slow people down and draw them into your booth?

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