Image of Prints from the Form 2

Image of Prints from the Form 2

3D printer is certainly fun and cool, but so far, the quality has not been good enough for casting jewelry. Resin, as opposed to the plastic on a spool that many 3D printers use, is a better printing material for jewelry.

These have been around, but pricey. The newest Gesswein brochure introduces the formLabs Form 2 and it says the prints are ready to use for direct investment casting.

“Print your design using Castable Resin, engineered for a smooth finish and clean burnout, perfect for direct investment casting.”

and it says that if you have a client for a custom job, they can try on the resin print.

More info. and a video here:

Oh, and the price? What’s “affordable?” $3,350.00. That’s more than the ready to go out of the box Up Mini at Inventables, which goes for about $900.00, but the print quality is in a whole different league.

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